To Act or Not to Act: That is The Question

By Blog

scalesNow it’s time to choose. Decide. Pick one. Pick a bunch. Just choose. Too often we carry around LIFE with us. Never really deciding to do anything, moving from one crisis to the next, reliving old problems over and over. If this is you, or someone you know, you are familiar with the statement, “they have way too much baggage.”

We’ve gone through the process of giving ourselves permission to listen to our gut. We have laid it all out on the table. Now it’s time to get to the business of taking a step forward. The size of the step, the amount of effort, the time it takes is all up to you. This is where we really have to dig deep. We have to determine where we are now. What do we have the energy for presently?

Are you at the top of the world and can move a mountain, or, do you think you will start small?

Remember, this is your life. There is a wealth of well-meaning people out there who are going to want to choose for you. They will be quick to tell you what to focus on. After all, they know you and they know what you need to do. Or do they? The aim here is for you to take control (or take back control) of your life. Look at what you listed in the “Lay it Out” stage.

Of all those things you would like to change, considering the energy you have right now, the frame of mind you are in, decide on what resonates with you right now? Pick one, pick many. It is up to you.

And then CHOOSE.

Sometimes the problem with this step is one of commitment. Having a big enough why? Not listening to yourself when you tell yourself all the reasons it won’t work. It’s failed in the past, everyone is telling me to do something else first, I know which one I need to start with, but I am just not ready for it. Or maybe you just do not possibly have have the time right now.

If this is something you truly want, and you have a big enough WHY, then you are on the road. You have to commit. Not forever, just for now. Take the first step.

In this action step we need to: MAKE A DECISION. Define the why, and commit.

Ultimately, you can choose to do nothing. Even the choice to do nothing is a choice. It takes the stress out of it. It moves you from “I really should do something about this” to “I am okay with this right now”.

As you begin to empower yourself to move forward in an area of your life, you are owning your power.

Remember: You are at the Helm!