playing-cards-1068145_1280Sometimes we hold all our cards to our chest. All the skeletons in the closet, all the problems, all the joys and concerns, all the deepest secrets we couldn’t possibly share. Secrets that only we know. And then one day something goes haywire (also referred to as a crisis), something happens where we can no longer contain the issue.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or have a problem, simply lay it out on the table. Lay them all out on the table. No more hiding in the shadows. LAY IT OUT!

Take a deep breath. I am not trying to have you solve all of them at once. Just lay them out, gently if you want, but acknowledge it for what it is.

You see, in order to address any issue, we have to acknowledge it is there. Sometimes, just by acknowledging IT – IT loses power.

After all, this is just a situation in need of a solution.

Let’s be easy about this, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So why do we want to fix everything overnight. Escape everything at once? This step is all about seeing what is there and laying it out. That’s all. Simple, really. Just LAY IT OUT. In an overwhelmed state, we tend to make “IT” way bigger than ”it” is.



This simple three step process will start you in the right direction:



Step 1 : Take a look at your life. Lay it out on the table. All the chaos, all the people, all the negative self talk, all the health issues, relationship issues, family issues. LAY IT OUT! Start slow. We are just taking a snapshot. A separative view. Take the emotion out of it. Don’t worry you don’t have to let go just yet. ☺ We are simply laying it out on the table for your eyes only.

Step 2: Do some soul searching. Where are you at right now? ? Are you in the “I can conquer the world state”, or the “I am not sure I can get out of bed” state. Remember, your life, your decision. Honest assessment.

Step 3: With everything on the table, we want to look for what we will call Low hanging fruit. The quick Win. The “wow, I would really like “that one” to be gone. Remember, only do the heavy lifting if you are feeling unstoppable and strong. Maybe you go for a smaller one if you just want to start somewhere. Your life, Your mess, Your assessment.

In this stage we are just sifting and sorting, no decisions (that’s the next post.) ☺

There is something magical that happens when we list things out. They lose power. It goes from the mystical oppression to something that we can act on.

Lay it out on the table. Call it what it is. Declare, “I got this!”

Remember – YOU are at the helm!