Direct Your Life

By Blog

clapper-actionWhat role do you play in this movie of life? Spectator? Actor? Producer? Director?

As a child we are heavily influenced by our surroundings.  We are on a journey of discovery.  We are observing behavior of the environment around us.  We are a spectator of this movie we call life.

Some children move into the field of Acting.   They do as they are told.  They are easy to mold.  They are behaving as directed.  They are rewarded well for playing nicely.

There are a few children, that just dance to a different drummer.  They are that child in life with a twinkle in their eye as they run down the aisle in the store.  They are choosing to direct their own life, for sure.


Give yourself a promotion.  Transition from Spectator/Actor, to Director/Producer of our own life.

That is right, YOU are in Charge.  Once you make the decision in the step of “DECIDE”.  You get to choose how to act.  You get to choose the boundaries.  You are not a puppet for someone else to control.  You take responsibility to make the tough decisions and carry them out.  This is your job.  You want to change it?  Then, Change it.

Of course this is not for the faint of heart.  This is the hardest step.  We take problems and avoid at all costs the work to change.  We use things like BLAME, FEAR, WORRY, VICTIMISM, as a way to excuse ourselves from OWNING IT.

We didn’t get to where we are overnight.  Therefore, we have issues that will not be resolved overnight.

If you have chosen something in your life to change in the previous steps and it is VERY BIG, OWN IT.  Congratulate yourself for rewriting the story you have been telling yourself.  Hold Steady when the naysayers come.  After all, they really know you better than you know yourself, RIGHT?!

The problem with being a spectator/actor in life is when you get to the end the movie, there is no opportunity to change / rewrite / edit the ending.

Some people are always willing to be the director in your life.  There are people that fight for the job.  After all, it is easier for them to direct your life than reflect on their own.

This step is all about deciding to take action and sticking to the plot.  YOU write the ending.  You Decide.  You are in control.

REMEMBER:  You are at the helm.