This is a site where people can come as you are. Come for love, guidance, strength and growth in all circumstances.

My life has not been what you would call picture perfect, but it has been a fantastic journey of expanding love. Not just love for mankind, or love for self, not mushy “Awe isn’t that cute”, but striving to lead a life of confidence and love in all circumstances. A life where the love is abundant and unending. A life that has been touched (in some cases immersed) in conflict, addiction, divorce, abuse, depression, and anxiety, to name a few. As we go through life’s challenges, we learn tools. In all these circumstances, we can find peace.

Sounds corny? mushy? I’m taking the risk. People are hurting. They have love and events in their lives that are not going as planned. Dysfunction abounds.

Are you right in the center of crisis?  – Or –  Maybe, your life is just fine and you want to help a friend, neighbor or family member.

This site is to help people help themselves and others through life’s challenges while staying centered themselves. This is your journey, you are the Captain, you are the driver. We need to own that.

Again welcome! I look forward to taking part in your journey. This is a site where all are welcome who are seeking strength and growth.

Remember – YOU are at the helm!

Karen C. Love


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Tool One: Let’s Play

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How do you relieve stress?! Sometimes the problem is not that you didn’t read the instructions. Sometimes the problem is that there is no manual.  Life doesn’t come with a manual. We are moving fast, or we are moving slow and suddenly from left field we take a hit. The truth is…

Direct Your Life

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What role do you play in this movie of life? Spectator? Actor? Producer? Director? As a child we are heavily influenced by our surroundings.  We are on a journey of discovery.  We are observing behavior of the environment around us.  We are a spectator of this movie we call life….

To Act or Not to Act: That is The Question

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Now it’s time to choose. Decide. Pick one. Pick a bunch. Just choose. Too often we carry around LIFE with us. Never really deciding to do anything, moving from one crisis to the next, reliving old problems over and over. If this is you, or someone you know, you are…

Lay It Out!

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Sometimes we hold all our cards to our chest. All the skeletons in the closet, all the problems, all the joys and concerns, all the deepest secrets we couldn’t possibly share. Secrets that only we know. And then one day something goes haywire (also referred to as a crisis), something…